Down to the Wire


Welcome to Down to the Wire!

In the coming weeks we will start adding posts and discussing current projects and goals, including an upcoming post about developing Down to the Wire itself. Until then, however, I wanted to share a little bit about what DttW is, and why we decided to start it.

Who we are

Our team is a group of college students who attended the same high school together and then went on to different universities. We had all been planning to create our own personal blogs in order to keep a record of our own projects, competitions, and other cool tech related news.

However, instead of us each starting our own blog – which would have been difficult to maintain and would not have received much visibility – several of us decided to start a collective blog so that we could help each other and provide a more steady stream of content.

What this is

To accomodate all of us, we built Down to the Wire, something of a mix between a news site and a blog. With it, we hope to have a forum to not only share our ideas with the world, but also help others who have related interests and engage in discussion about the current state of technology. Each of us has different interests, ranging from security to competition programming to game development, so we hope that anyone will be able to find something interesting here. We hope that you will join us in this endeavor and that Down to the Wire will be something special.


The Down to the Wire team.