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GoGo PowerSQL Writeup (HITCON 2019)

This problem provided us with both a site and a download with a handful of files including a query binary and a Dockerfile.

Starting with the site, it seemed to be a basic search of some kind, though it filters out anything that’s not alphabetic. (For example, searching 1 seems to dump the entire DB.) Nothing particularly useful there.

Next we chose to take a look at that Dockerfile.

PlaidCTF 2018: I Heard You Like IoT

For PlaidCTF a few weeks ago, I created a series of problems titled “idIoT”. In this series of challenges, players got the opportunity to attack two websites, a Google Home, an FTP server, a WiFi camera, and a Particle Photon. Participants seemed to enjoy these challenges, so I thought I’d do a little writeup on the creation of these challenges and my own solution guide, like the one Zach did for S-Exploitation last week.

Zeros and Ones - TypeScript

Hey there! I’m Matthew, and for my inaugural post I’m going to start a hopefully-recurring segment called “Zeros and Ones” - essentially, opinions on a given topic broken down into zeros (negatives) and ones (positives). Today’s post will discuss a language I’ve fallen in love with over the past couple of months: Typescript.

If you’re not familiar with TypeScript, it’s a superset of JavaScript that adds the ability to annotate variables with types. It was created by and is maintained by Microsoft, who introduced it in Ocotober 2012.