Down to the Wire

Kill the Lights: Taking Control of Digital Privacy

A few months ago I installed the latest Android beta, excited by its new design language. Three days later I had to uninstall it when I got stranded at the grocery store thanks to the Uber app crashing. However, in that short time I benefitted from another new feature (that iPhone users already enjoy) wherein the OS would notify me when an app used the clipboard. Excited by this, I took the same ideas and ported them to Chrome via an open source extension called Kill Switch.

PlaidCTF 2020: Catalog Writeup

PlaidCTF 2020, with the theme Ready Pwner One, ran from April 17 to 19. We had a lot of very difficult problems, and all of them got solved… except for one:


At this point, it should probably come as little surprise that Catalog is one of mine; I don’t have the best record at having all of my problems solved (see: Toaster Wars Stormy Flag, idIoT: Lights). Here, I’ll discuss the intended solution to the problem, and a little behind-the-scenes look at what led me to write this problem and what I’d do differently if I had the chance to do it again.